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Now they're coming after me! Are you next?

Two days ago I wrote a real-time summary of the FBI “raid” in my newsletter and published it at 11pm on my website at and sent it to 10,000 active subscribers by email. I wanted my readers to wake up knowing what the real story was. Within minutes I had over 1000 views.

Then, the next morning - my WIX website/email software was glitchy and repeatedly shut me down and I received notice from dozens of people that they were unable to read my newsletter at all! So I published another version on Substack. That worked fine.

At first, I thought it was just a software issue. I contacted WIX and received no answer. Then, a few hours later, I received this threatening and harassing “letter” from a globalist “fact-checker” called NewsGuard - I’ve received two letters like this before when I told the truth about COVID, George Floyd & Ukraine.

This tells me they are going through my posts AGAIN and probably issuing instruction to internet providers and cell providers and social media sites to harass me. Why? I am just a little fish. Why would they be so concerned about little old me?? BECAUSE I TELL THE TRUTH.

Now I know for sure that they are messing with my newsletter. I received a letter from the "fact checkers" at NewsGuard - these are the same people who tried to shut me down in March 2020 when I reported the truth about the Wuhan virus and in June 2020 when I reported the truth about George Floyd. Here's what she wrote: Good afternoon Peggy, I hope this email finds you well. My name is Macrina and I am an analyst for NewsGuard Technologies, Inc., You may recall from our previous correspondence that our company rates news and information websites for credibility and transparency, based on nine objective, nonpartisan criteria. Our reviews, which we call Nutrition Labels, are designed to give users more context for the content they consume online. We are updating our annual review of and I would like to include your on-the-record comments on a few questions. 1. I have noticed several instances of false or misleading information in articles. I would appreciate getting comment on the following: (a) This article stated that "Russia is in Ukraine to rid it of the brutal and genocidal NAZI Azov forces, which were trained by the CIA to overthrow Putin, and have murdered 14,000 Ukrainian Russians in Ukraine since 2014 - and have literally threatened to attack Russia with nuclear weapons or bio-weapons from Ukraine." Over 300 scholars of the Holocaust and WWII have denounced Putin’s use of “de-Nazification” as justification for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While the Azov regiment does have ties to neo-Nazi groups, the regiment has claimed that its Nazi members do not reflect the ideology of the group as a whole. It is also worth noting that the Azov regiment constitutes a small fraction of the Ukrainian forces. Compared against the 250,000 in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the 50,000 in the National Guard, as estimated by the BBC, the Azov regiment (which numbers between 900 and 2,500) represents less than 1 percent of total Ukrainian troops. What evidence supports your claim that the CIA trained the Azov forces to overthrow Putin? Articles that advanced similar claims about the CIA training the Azov regiment for insurgency mischaracterized the findings of the Yahoo News story they were based on. While the Yahoo News article did quote an unnamed source “familiar with the program” who said that the U.S. is training Ukrainian forces for an insurgency, the same article stated that the program did not seem to have been formally created for this purpose. Additionally, the article quoted a senior intelligence official who denied that the program was designed to assist in an insurgency, as well as CIA spokesperson Tammy Thorp, who said, “Suggestions that we have trained an armed insurgency in Ukraine are simply false.” What evidence supports your claim that the Azov forces threatened to attack Russia with nuclear weapons or bioweapons from Ukraine? Ukraine has never had its own nuclear weapons arsenal or had control over nuclear weapons, according to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. The same FAQ reported that all nuclear weapons in Ukraine had been transferred to Russia to be dismantled and all launch silos were decommissioned by 2001. Further, the United Nations (UN) High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu stated on March 11 and 18, 2022 that the UN is unaware of any biological weapons programs in Ukraine. (b) This article stated that “Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, Bill Gates and more [have been] using US funds to facilitate a biological weapons network in Ukraine, to commit global bio-genocide." The article does not offer evidence supporting this claim.

Again, there are no known U.S. military biological programs in Ukraine. Russia has made accusations about US-run bioweapons programs since as early as 1949, without evidence surfacing to support the allegations. Many claims around supposed US-run bioweapons programs are based on misrepresentations of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Biological Threat Reduction Program, which has helped improve Ukrainian labs studying outbreaks of dangerous pathogens — not to develop bioweapons. As stated earlier, the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu said on March 11 and 18, 2022 that the UN is unaware of any biological weapons programs in Ukraine. Do you stand by the articles and their contents, as described above? Do you see the need to correct any of the articles? 2. I am unable to find corrections published to original stories in the past 12 months. I would appreciate it if you would send me links to some corrections that Tierney Real News Network has made to original news stories in the past 12 months that explain what was fixed. 3. Where does the site disclose ownership? 4. I noticed that article bylines only say "Tierney." Is there a reason why articles do not state your full name? Is there anywhere on the site that provides some basic biographical information about you and other possible content creators (if any)? 5. Who are the site's editors (if any), and does the site disclose its editors anywhere? Our rating process and criteria can be found here. Thank you for taking the time to read this over. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have about NewsGuard, as well as to discuss our ratings and how you can raise your score. Feel free to call me if you prefer (my number is in my email signature). All the best, Macrina Macrina Wang, Analyst NewsGuard Technologies, Inc. Google Voice: (201) 503-4014

Here's what Newsguard sent me about March 2020:

Dear Peggy Traeger Tierney,

My name is Kendrick and I'm a reporter with NewsGuard, a service which reviews the credibility and transparency of online news sources. I previously emailed, which I found on the website, in March 2020.

As a reminder, we assign green and red ratings to websites using nine criteria based on journalistic standards, the definitions of which can be read on our website. Readers are able to access these ratings and our written reviews of sites to learn more about the sources of information they encounter online by downloading our browser plugin, which displays our ratings on social media feeds and in search engine results.

Before publishing our reviews, we seek input from publishers so that they have a chance to respond to our assessments on the record.

I'm currently updating our review of and was hoping you could answer some questions about the site. I've included them below, and I would be happy to answer any you might have about NewsGuard. We hope to publish our review by EOD Wednesday, 7/28, and would appreciate any responses as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.

1. Are you the owner of Tierney Real News Network? Is that information revealed anywhere on the site? One of our criteria looks at whether sites disclose information about their ownership, and I didn't find anything on the site that meets the criteria. Please let me know if I missed anything or if you have a comment in response.

2. Similarly, I didn't find any biographical information for readers to learn about who you are. We have 2 criteria that look at whether sites reveal editorial leaders and content creators/authors, and I couldn't find information to meet either on

3. Does the site have a corrections policy? Have you issued any corrections to stories that make clear the error and how it was fixed? I wasn't able to find any and would appreciate you sending some if possible.

5. In our review, we found multiple stories with false, unproven, or misleading information and we would like to get any comments you have in response.

This post states that 11,000 people have died from COVID-19 vaccines, which the CDC has stated is false. While there have been 6,207 reports of death following vaccination to VAERS, that data does not imply causation and the CDC, which investigates all cases of death, states "A review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines." Do you stand by this report or would you like to comment?

This post states that the World Economic Forum Great Reset initiative "is about using vaccines as a tool to eventually inject us with biological computer code that will be used to control our bodies & our minds." Neither mRNA vaccines nor other types of vaccines against COVID-19 include ingredients that can remotely control recipients. Do you stand by this report or would you like to comment?

This post includes many false claims about the 2020 election, which you argue is illegitimate or was stolen from former President Donald Trump. This has been rejected by election officials in all 50 states and former attorney general William Barr, among other authorities. Do you sand by this report or would you like to comment?

The post also refers to "28 states using voting machines, hooked to the internet, capable of manipulating results." Are you referring to Dominion Voting here? Could you respond to statements that Dominion has made denying that it's voting machines were hooked up to the internet or used to manipulate results?

Thanks again.

Best regards,

Kendrick McDonald

Deputy Editor of Rapid Response & Senior Analyst


NewsGuard Technologies

Who is NewsGuard? Some of my friends did a little research for you.

TEALEAF: “They are dirty leftists. Their founders fueled the laptop hoax as Russian disinformation. Michael Hayden (advisory board member) signed an open letter making the same claim and has not retracted it. He still 'advises' them. Jim Banks (Republican Study Commitee) from Indiana wrote a letter to the Pentagon warning of NewsGuard’s extreme partisan bias. So, yeah, they will definitely target you, Peg. Don't let them bother you. We appreciate your work!”

DIANE JENNINGS: “I found this Peg.”

Three months after the Washington Free Beacon revealed the Democratic leanings of NewsGuard employees—several of whom have worked in Democratic politics and contributed to Democratic candidates—the self-anointed arbiter of media credibility docked the Free Beacon‘s score on its trust ratings.

The company, which claims to "have no political axes to grind," on Wednesday lowered the pro-freedom website's score to 80 from 87.5 out of a possible 100 points, citing an alleged failure to disclose the company's ownership in a "user-friendly" way. The Free Beacon‘s disclosure of its ownership by FreeBeacon LLC on its "Terms of Use" page is apparently insufficient.

The revision came after NewsGuard analyst Macrina Wang, who as a student at Yale told a student publication the Brett Kavanaugh saga taught her that if she is ever sexually assaulted, "I won't get the justice that I deserve," asked the Free Beacon questions about its founding editor "David Continetti [sic]" and its "practices regarding distinguishing between news and opinion."

NewsGuard general manager Matt Skibinski told the Free Beacon the ratings change was "based entirely" on its "nine journalistic criteria and nothing else."

NewsGuard sells subscriptions for its web browser plug-in to the general public, schools, and federal agencies to provide "trust ratings" on thousands of websites. The company also sells its services to corporations and ad agencies to ensure they do not advertise on sites that fail to meet NewsGuard's arbitrary standards.

The political leanings of NewsGuard's employees raise questions about its claim to provide "apolitical" analysis of the websites it covers. A Free Beacon report in April indicated that a number of NewsGuard employees have worked in Democratic politics. And 20 NewsGuard executives and advisers contributed to Democrats since 2015, while only 6 gave to Republicans. Sarah Brandt, a NewsGuard analyst who coauthored the Free Beacon‘s "report card," contributed both to Joe Biden's and Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaigns.

The fake news is twisting the narrative on the “raid” to confuse you. FBI Director Wray is blaming the American people for being angry about the “raid” (and making it sound like MAGA will become violent so they can shut down the mid-terms) and the media is lying and telling you that Trump has the “warrant” and is keeping it from you!

Everything that I’ve read so far about the “raid” leads me to the conclusion that Team Trump set up the FBI to raid Mar-a-Lago as a way to force them to release the documents in court - that the American people need to see - that they would NOT release before & reveal the FBI as a bunch of NAZI thugs! So somebody told the FBI that Trump was hiding something in his safe and it was empty. Hmm. Sounds to me like Trump set up the FBI!

CHARLES GASPARINO: “The left doesn’t want to call the Trump Mar-a-Lago "raid" a "raid." These people also don’t want to call a "woman" a "woman." Now you know what you’re dealing with.”

“Interesting how the left's reaction to the Trump raid is the focus on whether Trump has the warrant in his possession - NOT an explanation from the DOJ about why it's putting the country through this spectacle. Reminds me of Mueller; lots of process/innuendo - not a lot of facts. Trump’s lawyer SAW the warrant; she doesn’t have it. Why isn’t the warrant being released by DOJ? It's their document.”

“The FBI NEVER hands the target the warrant; it shows the warrant to the target as they did in this case. Trump can see the warrant only if he's indicted. Same with the affidavit. The list of items taken, known as "the return" could become available after the judge sees the list and certifies that the items taken by the FBI matches the court order. Eric Trump is telling the truth.”

“It wasn’t handed to them or Trump would have released it by now. That's the point. Either way, if this is some fishing expedition with agents going through Trump's clothing and finding nothing, you may have just re-elected him. Thanks!”

“Donald Trump and his legal team will seek a court order to force the FBI and the Justice Department to turn over a physical copy of the search warrant, the affidavit, and a complete inventory of what was taken in the Mar-a-Lago raid.”

JUDGE NAPOLITINO: “Trump has no standing to see FBI affidavits/warrant unless & until he's indicted for a crime based on evidence seized. Items taken - it's called “the return” - he gets when feds are finished. 1st goes to judge who signed warrant. This application is a PR move, not a legal one.”

Did Trump bait the FBI into raiding his “safe” and then film the FBI going through his home for 9 hours?

-Trump baits hostile elements in FBI into raiding his home.

-The docs they find are declassified already, there is no crime to charge Trump with.

-But FBI now has them, and they shouldn't.

-So Trump sues them to get them back for his library.

-Thus, making them public while all eyes are on the FBI, him, and the documents.

"Trump ordered the declassification and release of a binder filled with sensitive FBI documents on Jan. 19, 2021, but the Justice Department never complied."

"The release was delayed during the final hours of the Trump presidency when the DOJ raised privacy concerns about some of the memos and asked to make additional redactions, according to a memo from then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows obtained by Just the News. The memos were never released."

"The declassified binder included hundreds of pages of sensitive FBI documents from the Crossfire Hurricane investigation that show how the bureau used informants and FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and misled both a federal court and Congress about flaws in the evidence they offered to get approval for the investigation."

John Solomon believes that this is the reason for the raid.

“At the end of his presidency, Barack Obama trucked 30 million pages of his administration’s records to Chicago...More than five years after Obama’s presidency ended, the National Archives webpage reveals that zero pages have been digitized & disclosed."

Sundance did a good overview of the “raid” if you want to read more in-depth:

If you prefer to read and share today's newsletter on Substack - you can find it here.

Lara Logan posted these two memes on Truth Social. NAILED IT.

A friend of mine took this photo of me on my dock. Isn't it amazing?

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

Psalm 119:105

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