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It looks like True the Vote will tie evidence of ballot mules to foreign election interference!

TrueTheVote - Catherine & Gregg - the folks behind “2000 Mules” and the movie made by Dinesh D’Souza - who have documented digital and video proof that thousands of operatives stuffed ballot boxes all over America in 2020 - held a forum a few says ago called The Pit - to present new information about foreign election interference - that they said was 10 times more powerful than the video and cell phone tracking evidence they presented before.

It looks like it is...

You'll find the rest of today's newsletter on Substack. I also cover new details on the FBI raid and a few new truths that have just come out....

PS: I will be eventually migrating all my newsletters to Substack. So subscribe over there if you wish to receive it. My Substack newsletters are delivered in full directly to your email so you don't need to click. You can just read and share immediately...

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