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I have moved Tierney's Real News to my new website on Substack

You can find all my articles & newsletters now at my new website at Please bookmark the page. You can subscribe there to get my newsletters by email if you wish.

Thank you!

If you like my work, please donate to me by credit card here. Or you can send a check to Peggy Tierney, PO Box 242, Spooner, Wisconsin 54801. Or just send me a note or a card! I love hearing from you. Thank you to all who have donated in the past. I truly appreciate your generosity!

You can always send me an email at I try to respond to every request or question.

Please follow me on Telegram at Follow me on Facebook at (although they block me quite often there.) Or you can find me on Truth Social, GETTR, Parler, Gab and Instagram at @MaggiePeggy123. Or on Twitter (X) @MaggiePeggy1234.

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