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Americans need to understand what's going on in Saudi Arabia to comprehend Trump's foreign policy

Americans need to understand what's really going on in Saudi Arabia to understand President Trump's strategy in the Middle East. Please read this. Then read it again. It's important.

There was a King Fasal in Saudi Arabia who had a son, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. King Fasal took ill and named his brother Salman as King in his place. King Salman named his son, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, as heir to the throne, INSTEAD of his brother’s son, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. That's when all the troubles began.

Alwaleed bin Talal is a Wahabbi -- a member of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood political Party. He hates Israel. Salman is Sunni and a reformer.

Alwaleed's Wahabbi is extreme Islam. Salman wanted a more modern, non-extreme Islam for Saudi Arabia. That’s why he named his own son, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, as heir. So far, Salman has made many changes in Saudi Arabia to make it more Westernized, more open and free and to give women greater rights. Salman is Israel's only friend in the Middle East. It infuriates Alwaleed and his terrorist cronies.

Who was Jamal Khashoggi - the man that Prince Salman supposedly killed in Turkey? Khashoggi was Muslim Brotherhood - a Wahabbi. He is a friend of Prince Alwaleed and Osama bin Laden's - the terrorists who funded and planned 9/11. al Qaeda was BORN of the Muslim Brotherhood. Khashoggi actually funded and aided bin Laden's 9/11 attack on America and wants to take down reformer Prince Salman.

The Muslim Brotherhood are global terrorists, aligned with the global Communist Party, whose goal is to overthrow the world and install totalitarian rule. Chances are Khashoggi faked his death, using the defacto leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey's President Erdogan, to drive a wedge between the US & the reformer Prince Salman.

Why doesn't the American media tell us the truth about what's going on with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood in America and the Middle East? Because Prince Alwaleed and his trillionaire Muslim Brotherhood cronies in Qatar own significant shares in American media - including Twitter, Facebook, Fox News, the Washington Post and CNN/Time Warner. They tell the media what they can and cannot say. Bought and paid for fake news. PERIOD.

Prince Alwaleed, Khashoggi, Erdogan and their Muslim Brotherhood cronies are trying to overthrow and take back the Saudi Crown from Prince Salman. Why? Because Alaweed believes it is rightfully his and he doesn't want the Saudis to moderate and reform. He wants to control the Saudi oil, cut ties with America and Israel and rebuild the Ottoman Empire of old.

Prince Alwaleed is also trying to take over the United States and install his radical totalitarian form of Islam as well. How? Through CAIR, their front organization, and through their infiltration into America's Government, churches, schools, media, labor force, and Hollywood. The Interfaith network is one of their schemes to con Christians into believing in only one God. They build mosques and radicalize youth and enable non-citizen voting.

Prince Alwaleed hates Trump. and said Trump WOULD NEVER GET ELECTED. Trump called Alwaleed a spoiled brat who uses his daddy's money to control nations. Prince Alwaleed funds much of the resistance against Trump. For example, Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels' lawyer, is on his payroll. Many believe Alwaleed was behind 9/11, Vegas & Pulse. Prince Alwaleed also funds Muslim Brotherhood candidates in America -- like Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison, Justin Amash and Rashida Tlaib.

The Muslim Brotherhood Party is aligned with the Communist Party and is literally like the KKK. It is called the "red-green" alliance and it is the same alliance that formed in WW2 between the Socialist NAZIs and the Grand Mufti. That deadly alliance perpetrated the Holocaust and exterminated millions of Jews -- primarily to steal and redistribute their wealth.

The "red-green" alliance will not rest until they conquer and control the entire world - and redistribute its wealth to themselves -- including the United States. So, not only does Trump have the RINOs in the Republican party, the Koch Brothers Libertarians, the Democrats, the media and the Communists against him - he has the full force of the Muslim Brotherhood against him and their trillions in oil wealth.

This is why President Trump is seeking peace in the Middle East with Israel and all the non-extremist sectors & Governments. They will form a coalition AGAINST the extremists in Iran & the Muslim Brotherhood.

Get it? This is important stuff. Read it over and over again until you understand what's going on. This is why I believe God put Trump in office to save America from Satan and from ourselves. Now you know the rest of the story. Pass it on. Share this truth with a liberal friend and save a life.

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